Guiding fees are generally set in line with those recommended by the UK Guild of Registered Tourist Guides. However each guide is free to negotiate his/her own rates taking account of the client’s requirements, the numbers in the group, specialist knowledge or in a language other than English.

For 2017/18 the average rates are as follows:

  • Full day rate (4-8 hours) £240-£270

  • Half day rate (up to 4 hrs) £150-£170

  • For a standard  2 hour tour in English the fee may range for £80 - £120 depending on numbers and requirements.

For foreign language tours you can expect to pay an additional £50 for a full day and £30 for a half day.
Many of the Colleges and university buildings in Oxford charge an entrance fee to visit and this is payable directly to them on the day. Your guide can advise you when you make your booking.

Entry to Colleges is subject to availability. The Colleges are working institutions and they welcome visitors, however guides and visitors must respect their arrangements and any restrictions.   

Oxford Guild of Tour Guides

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